IBC News

Over the next few weeks as we finish the month of June and begin the month of July we will try to answer the question, Where Do We Go From Here? We will take a few weeks to clearly identify who we are and how we will go about accomplishing the mission given to us in scripture. For any who will be in Bucharest and consider IBC their church home, your participation is encouraged as we will be looking at a very important subject.

Following this we will be continuing to press on into the future as we start a new series called, Transitions.” As many of you know the church is going through a time of transition as Jonathan Moore-Crispin has stepped down to pursue a new opportunity in ministry and we now await the arrive of Stuart Harrison who will be taking over for Jonathan. As we make our way through this time we are going to turn to scripture to see what helpful lessons it has to help us through this new season in the life of the church. We encourage everyone to participate who are not away for the summer season. We know that some will use this time to vacation and get away to visit family, yet during this time the church will continue to have services each Sunday. If you are in Bucharest we warmly invite you to join us weekly as we gather to worship our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.