Oxy1. The Bible – is the very Word of God; it is inspired by Him and without error in its original version.

2. God – is three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit known as the trinity; we believe there is only one true God.

3. Man – was created by God to rule over His creation and innocent of sin, but man disobeyed God by choosing to sin and now as a consequence he must die.

4. Sin – originated in Satan and entered the world through Adam’s disobedience. The result of sin is physical death and eternal separation from God in hell.

5. Christ’s Work – was finished when He died on the cross to completely pay the just price of sin for all mankind, He did this because of His grace, love and mercy. Three days later He arose from the dead having ultimate victory over death and sin.James & Lilian

6. Eternal Life – is received by repenting of all sins and trusting in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross alone for forgiveness of sins and heaven.

7. The Church – is the institution established by God for the purpose of worship, fellowship, service and evangelism. We believe the great hope of the church is that Christ will one day physically return to earth for all those who trust in Him.