About Us


IBC is a International family of believers in Jesus Christ who speak English and live in Bucharest, Romania. The church began in late 1991 with the assistance of some local pastors serving in the Romanian Baptist Union. Initially the church met at Popa Rusu Baptist Church in the center of Bucharest. Those services were conducted in English on Sunday afternoons.

For years the church functioned under the name of the International Baptist Church of Bucharest, thus the initials IBC. In 2004 the church officially changed its name to the International Church of Bucharest while still keeping its distinctive initials IBC. The reasoning was simple. While not wanting to forsake the churches basic core beliefs, the body wanted to open the door to anyone without consideration of ones religious background. Therefore, today the International Church of Bucharest is a growing family of believers from many different cultures, nations and evangelical backgrounds. We consider ourselves open to all denominations and we focus on …

The five fundamentals of evangelical Christianity.

1. The Inspiration of The Scriptures By GodAnthony & Lee

2. The Deity of Christ

3. The Virgin Birth of Christ

4. The Substitutionary Death of Christ

5. The Bodily Resurrection and Second Coming of Christ

So please take a moment and learn even more about who we are by seeing our beliefs, missions and values listed in the About Us link above.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ or just want to learn more about Him, we warmly invite you to join us for worship. We would consider you our honored guest.