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The dedication of the Helena Montana Temple comes less than two years after groundbreaking and 27 months after temple’s announcement.

The First Presidency recently announced a groundbreaking date for the Port Vila Vanuatu Temple. Here’s what members in Vanuatu are saying.

The seven temples include three which have yet to be dedicated — the Bangkok Thailand, McAllen Texas and Orem Utah temples.

The First Presidency has announced a groundbreaking date for the Port Vila Vanuatu Temple, which was announced in October 2020.

The Church also provided recent photos, video and link detailing the multiyear project, its processes and its progress.

The First Presidency announced plans to build the enlarged temple on the site of an adjacent stake center on the temple property.

How Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s message from Southern Utah and the dedication of the San Juan temple signal “a future filled with hope.”

Elder D. Todd Christofferson dedicated the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023. Read the dedicatory prayer.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson dedicated the third Latter-day Saint temple in the Caribbean.

President Russell M. Nelson’s assurance that “better days are ahead” for Puerto Rico came to pass with Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s dedication of the new San Juan temple.

The temple is a symbol of hope for Puerto Rico, which has endured a series of challenges and catastrophic events.

First- and second-generation members of the Church in Puerto Rico met to celebrate the new temple in San Juan.

Construction officially starts for the temple, one of 23 in the Central American country.

Announced by President Nelson at April 2022 general conference, the temple will be Spain’s second.

Latter-day Saints from the Republic of the Congo sacrificed and saved to get to the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple.

President Nelson announced 17 temples in April 2022 general conference and another 18 in October — one more than he announced in 2021.

Church logged 16 groundbreakings in 2022 and 49 total to start the 2020s, with 56 temples overall under construction.

Total temples reach 300, dedicated temples at 175 and most-in-a-year 35 new temples announced in 2022.

All four temples were announced by President Nelson in the past two years and have had their sites released in the past two months.

Site locations have been released for the Cleveland Ohio Temple, Austin Texas Temple and Santiago West Chile Temple.

Elder Montoya said “it is not the building itself that allows us to feel joy but what takes place inside the building.”

President Nelson announced the new temple just two months ago in October 2022 general conference.

The display runs through Dec. 31 with free Christmas concerts and events on Oakland’s Temple Hill

Local Latter-day Saints expressed joy at the Dec. 3 Miraflores Guatemala City Guatemala Temple groundbreaking services.

The Presiding Bishopric talks about how Latter-day Saint temples are identified, designed and constructed.

Elder Quentin L. Cook and Singapore’s ambassador to the United States, Ashok Mirpuri, together press the button to illuminate the light.

First temple on U.S. territory island offers hope to Saints weathering life’s storms.

The First Presidency has released the site locations of six temples — three in Brazil and one each in Bolivia, New Zealand, Taiwan.

“Temples are a representation of what we try to be as people,” said Elder Taylor G. Godoy.

How are temple locations identified? The Presiding Bishopric answers this and other questions about temples.