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Ryan Jensen

J. Ryan Jensen is the director of audience and product development for the Church News. He has worked with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2014 creating and distributing content that helps build faith in Jesus Christ – including four years as the managing editor of the New Era magazine and Church youth website. Ryan has a degree in journalism from Utah State University. He served a mission in Colombia and still speaks Spanish every chance he gets. He and his wife Megan love being parents to their four children.

Pieces of art from more than 25 countries were on display in the Church History Museum as part of the 12th International Art Competition.

From Church leaders to historians and from family members to topical experts, the Church News podcast covers a lot of ground in 129 episodes.

Since his inauguration in September 2014, BYU has grown and adapted while staying true to its mission.

Four Church members in Colombia, Italy, Hawaii and Las Vegas share how they grew over 30 days.

A popular Primary song with millions of views on YouTube is the focus of a new Inspirational Message video from the Church.

“This is an effort to go beyond our members to address the needs, the humanitarian needs, of the world’s children, and we found them. It was glorious,” said President Johnson.

“The message has been powerful, and it’s of joy. They have joy regardless of their circumstance. They are finding joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ,” President Cordon said.

In his first trip to Utah, Haji Allahshükür Hummat Pashazade found renewed hope for humanity’s future through a growing relationship.

Elder Quentin L. Cook shares his love for the Savior and teaches about His Atonement, testifies of modern prophets

‘Do not despair. Love and care for those that are near and dear to you,’ Elder Quentin L. Cook says.

“We’re not as concerned about being recognized as we are about taking care of people,” Elder Cook said.

“We are grateful you are having children and bringing them up in the gospel,” Elder Quentin L. Cook says.

In a new Inspirational Message video, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf explains the importance of daily restoration in avoiding walking in circles spiritually.

“The support of the Church is fundamental to many of the activities that we do,” said Mexico’s new consul general in Utah.

‘Sister Hales always placed the needs of others above her own and was a light to all those around her. She inspired others to find joy in living the gospel of Jesus Christ,’ President Ballard said.

New tool allows members at the local level to manage information that may help visitors find and feel welcome when visiting meetinghouses.

BYU–Idaho President Henry J. Eyring taught about the miracles that come from nurturing, in school’s first devotional of 2023.

One week before Christmas Day, President Russell M. Nelson extends the invitation to lift, love and serve others as a way to reflect the light of the Savior.

Released three weeks after the end of the latest season of Book of Mormon Videos, the new Inspirational Message shares various quotes and teachings from the Savior as written in 3 Nephi.

In what he called a kind of “returning home” to Denver, Colorado, Elder Ulisses Soares addressed Spanish-speaking Saints about navigating life’s trials.

More than 100,000 participate in country-wide event marking the beginning of the Christmas season in Mexico.

Jesus Christ resolves disputes and teaches the importance of reading the scriptures, repenting, and doing good works.

The temple is Ecuador’s second and provides “the understanding, clarification, resolution, and ordinances” that bless those who are faithful.

Recalling the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Ecuador in 2016, Sister J. Anette Dennis invited missionaries to stay strong to their covenants.

The latest Book of Mormon Videos episode includes testimonies of miracles the children and adults witnessed and received when the Savior appeared to them.

Three new “On the Set” videos join this week’s episode that depicts 3 Nephi 18 as new videos published on

Elder Gerrit W. Gong invited young adults o build spiritual foundations with faith in Jesus Christ and look to a bright future.

The crowds in Bountiful see the Savior’s miracles, pray with Him and see angels come down from heaven.

Speaking to the students of the Ephraim Utah institute, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught to love God, to study the scriptures and to be more holy.

The Savior explains in Friday’s episode release that He fulfilled the law of Moses.