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Mary Richards

Mary Richards is a reporter for the Church News. Before that, she was a morning reporter/anchor for KSL NewsRadio in Salt Lake City. She graduated from BYU with a degree in journalism, and she and her husband have five children. Email her at

Church leaders share love and counsel for missionaries who are training to fulfill their assignments around the world.

Youth who have JustServe in their area can register to use the platform in April and beyond. Others are encouraged to serve around their communities for Global Youth Service Day.

Sister Michelle D. Craig, Sister Amy A. Wright, and Sister J. Anette Dennis visited children, youth and women in Puebla.

Relationships are hurting because of pornography use, regardless of religiosity, gender, or type and frequency.

Volunteers donated 1,300 kits, continuing the Praia Cape Verde Stake’s ministry to Central da Praia jail.

The Church is helping fund a two-year project in rural Tajikistan, working with Catholic relief agency Caritas.

Being prepared both temporally and spiritually helps people face different kinds of disasters.

Members participated in 6.3 million hours of volunteer work and 3,692 humanitarian projects in 190 countries and territories.

Almost a half-million people donated at Giving Machines locations around the world.

While ministering in Cape Verde, Latvia, Lithuania and England, Sister Tracy Y. Browning and Sister Rebecca L. Craven invited all to come unto Christ.

The Relief Society was organized March 17, 1842.

“In what ways has your life been blessed by being a part of this worldwide sisterhood?” asks President Johnson.

Church members and leaders in Brazil helped make the donations in several cities.

The Relief Society general presidency, Sheri Dew and Irene Caso will be keynote speakers for the May event.

Sister Craig told Ensign College students that waiting is a time to grow faith.

The first Friend to Friend event of 2023 featured videos, music and messages about divine identity.

Wheelchairs, medical equipment, school furniture and other donations were made in Ghana, Uganda, Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Born March 11, 1964, President Cordon has served as Young Women general president since April 2018

Church members and their neighbors around Mesa, Arizona, gathered thousands of items in a JustServe project for Pakistan.

“The fact remains that relationship stability is weakened by pornography usage for both men and women,” said BYU’s Dr. Brian Willoughby.

Youth of all faiths can submit original expressions of how Jesus Christ is their strength.

During meetings in Accra, Elder Christofferson spoke of the two great commandments and having an eternal perspective.

Women enter homes where men cannot, build community trust and work with parents to encourage immunizations. The Church and UNICEF are working alongside others in these efforts.

The two water purification systems and 30 wooden houses will help migrant shelters in northern Mexico.

BYU researchers found that female students who served missions were more likely to discover strengths and make informed career decisions.

While in Monrovia, Liberia, Elder Christofferson spoke about covenants, the Book of Mormon and the missionary purpose.

Discovering resiliency allows people to choose their own narrative for their family history, Me Ra Koh shared at RootsTech.

Industry leaders came from around the world to showcase their products and innovations at RootsTech 2023.

Members of the Church met with Kentucky’s governor and Kentucky General Assembly after responding to several natural disasters in the state.

Funding from the Church helps Catholic Relief Services and Caritas support thousands of displaced people — primarily women and girls — in war-torn province of North Kivu